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1095-C Printing

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Combine  1095-C  &  Save

Combine your W2’s and 1095-C's to save on postage.

Send 1095-C forms with W2's

Billing Document Specialists can combine your 1095-C with your W2 mailing saving you money.

If you already use somewhere else to send out your W2's, give us a call and see how much you can save by combining it with your 1095-C forms.

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Why Do I Need To Send 1095-C Tax Forms?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that all “Applicable Large Employers” (ALEs) (which are employers that employ 50 or more employees during any given month) to report the following information annually:

• What calendar months employees and/or their eligible dependents were enrolled in a self-insured employer-sponsored medical plan.
• What individual months (12 reporting periods) the employer-sponsored minimum essential coverage (MEC) was offered to each FTE and their eligible dependents throughout the year.
• The total number of eligible full-time employees (FTEs) for every calendar month of the year (12 individual reporting periods)
• The lowest cost monthly premium for self-only coverage for employees.

****These new requirements mean an additional form (1095-C) will need to be provided
to all employees in addition to and in combination with an annual W-2****

Safe  &  Secure

Our 1095-C & W2 Processing has high security procedures.

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Security is our top priority

At BDS, our greatest priority is the security of critical data. Hence the multiple layers of protection currently in place; including data encryption, PCI compliance, HIPPA compliance, disaster recovery, and many more safeguards.

We also undergo an annual SSAE 16 Type-II audit to help ensure our policies and procedures are efficient and secure. Your critical data is safe with us.

Electronic  1095-C  Forms

E-1095-C'S Makes It Quick & Easy For Employees.

Send your 1095-C electronically

BDS can send your 1095-C forms electronically to save on postage.

Give us a call to see how much you can save or fill out a quick quote form.

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